CHANGE PAIN initiative supports the International Day Against Pain 2013

Aachen, Germany, October 12, 2013. Today´s third International Day Against Pain is designed to give a voice to people suffering from pain, to provide information about the treatments that are available, to create a global alliance to broadcast the right to treatment and to raise funds for scientific research.

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With a multi-modal approach to adequate chronic low back pain management
Grünenthal supported an associated educational symposium at IASP®

Milan/Aachen, 27th August 2012. Chronic pain has a high prevalence world-wide. In Europe, 80 million people are suffering from chronic pain, whichresults in approximately 500 million sick days and accumulates costs of around 34 billion Euros. Studies show that pain patients are often treated insufficiently making chronic pain a considerable healthcare problem, an issue also addressed in the Italian law 38 of 2010.

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New PAIN Compendium provides up-to-date information on pain and its therapy to support healthcare practitioners’ daily work

CHANGE PAIN® presents new international textbook on pain management at EULAR Congress

Berlin, 6 June, 2012 - The CHANGE PAIN® initiative today presents the PAIN Compendium - a new tool being part of the PAIN EDUCATION program - on the occasion of the Annual European Congress of the European League against Rheumatism (EULAR), taking place in Berlin from 6 to 9 June. The PAIN Compendium is a comprehensive international textbook about pain and its therapy, intended for healthcare professionals regularly facing patients with pain in their daily practice, as well as healthcare professionals and students with an interest in pain. With the PAIN Compendium, healthcare practitioners receive a comprehensive insight into pain and its management supporting them in understanding their pain patients’ needs and developing individual treatment plans.

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Grünenthal dedicated to improving pain management
Making a difference with CHANGE PAIN®
Effective support for healthcare professionals starts off its 4th year

Aachen/Brussels, December 21st 2011. "No time to rest in 2012" was one of the conclusions of the 6th CHANGE PAIN® Advisory Board meeting. The Board identified "Pain in the Elderly" as the next topic to be tackled by the initiative. Treating the elderly differs from treating younger patients as there are many physiological changes which have to be taken into account. The Advisory Board meeting took place in Munich early December with the goal of identifying challenges and shortcomings in pain therapy which need to be addressed in future.

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CHANGE PAIN® Initiative: Patients and physicians benefit from multidisciplinary approach in chronic pain management
Practical guide now available on

Aachen/Brussels, December 12th 2011. Pain as a multi-dimensional condition requires the involvement of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals. The new practical guide “Towards a multidisciplinary team approach in pain management” provides guidance for healthcare professionals on how to set up a multidisciplinary team.

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7th Congress of the European Federation of IASP® Chapters (EFIC®)
September 21st – 24th, 2011, Hamburg, Germany


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International CHANGE PAIN Expert Summit
20-21 June 2010 • Ergife Palace Hotel, Via Aurelia, Rome, Italy


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New solutions to optimise pain management presented by CHANGE PAIN Initiative

Over 200 pain specialists attended International Expert Summit

Aachen/Rome, 21 June 2010. Pain specialists from across Europe recently met in Rome at the CHANGE PAIN Expert Summit to discuss current needs and latest insights in chronic pain management. At the scientific event organised by Grünenthal, experts from the international CHANGE PAIN Advisory Board presented the most important results of their first three meetings for the first time. Highlights were presentations of the PAIN EDUCATION programme and the CHANGE PAIN Scale – two new tools supported by the expert group to improve chronic pain management in daily practice. The first PAIN EDUCATION eCME module is now available and can be accessed via

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  Developing solutions for an improved management of chronic pain
Conclusions from the CHANGE PAIN® Advisory Board

Aachen, 20 May 2010 - Although chronic pain affects around 20% of adults in Europe and the USA, there is substantial evidence that this debilitating condition is often inadequately treated. A group of international pain experts has now published a first commentary calling for a CHANGE in the pharmacological management of severe chronic pain. The publication represents a consensus reached by the international Advisory Board of CHANGE PAIN® – an initiative by German pain expert Grünenthal, which is endorsed by the European Federation of IASP® Chapters (EFIC®). To improve patient outcomes, a thorough understanding of underlying pain mechanisms and a multi-mechanistic treatment approach is required. The experts call for user-friendly educational tools for physicians and for a better communication between physicians and pain patients in order to agree on individual treatment objectives...

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International experts call for mechanism-orientated treatment approach for severe chronic pain

Aachen, 18 January 2010 - Currently, chronic pain treatment is driven mainly by pain intensity and not by the underlying mechanisms. In consequence, pharmacological treatment does not always result in sufficient analgesia, as the international advisory board of CHANGE PAIN - an initiative by the German pain expert Grunenthal and strongly endorsed by the European Federation of IASP® Chapters (EFIC®) - observed. During their second meeting in Zurich in November 2009, the pain experts called for a change towards a more mechanism-orientated treatment approach. To provide guidance for healthcare professionals, the international expert group discussed a unique online education programme that aims to move treatment from symptom-control towards mechanism-orientated management of severe chronic pain. In addition, the experts requested further research about patients' needs and proposed that a new tool be implemented to improve the communication between patients and healthcare professionals...

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new website provides insight in severe chronic pain management

Aachen, 22 October, 2009 - The newly launched website is part of the CHANGE PAIN campaign initiated by German pain expert Grunenthal and strongly endorsed by the European Federation of IASP® Chapters (EFIC®). CHANGE PAIN is aiming to improve the management of severe chronic pain in Europe with the support of renowned international pain experts. The new website provides the objectives of CHANGE PAIN, and offers physicians the opportunity to familiarise themselves with practical knowledge for treating chronic pain patients and learn more about current limitations. It also features the European CHANGE PAIN Survey which is designed to investigate concepts and variations in practical management of severe chronic pain across Europe...

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6th Congess of the European Federation of IASP Chapters (EFIC)

September 9-12, 2009 • Lisbon/Portugal

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"Improving management of severe chronic pain
European pain experts join in CHANGE PAIN campaign"

Aachen, 21 August 2009. Severe chronic pain is multifactorial in nature and often insufficiently managed. Many patients are unidentified or do not receive appropriate treatment, but even with treatment patients often find themselves in a vicious circle of insufficient analgesia and debilitating side effects associated with their medication. This situation contributes to low compliance and high rates of treatment discontinuation among chronic pain patients...

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